CambCol Hand Sanitiser

To support NHS and government efforts to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, we have re-purposed our factory and are now producing hand sanitiser to the widely proven World Health Organisation formulation 1, containing 80% alcohol.


  • WHO formulation widely used successfully in other epidemics and shown to be effective against bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses
  • We have HMRC DFS and TDSA1 licences for handling of ethanol and denatured alcohol and licence to denature alcohol ourselves – providing continuity and security of supply after government special measures expire.
  • Easy to use, quick drying formula with built in emollients for skin protection
  • Meets EN1500 standards

What’s in it?

  • Made to WHO formulation 1, containing 80% alcohol sourced in the UK
  • Sterile water produced on-site in our medical-grade factory
  • Glycerine and hydrogen peroxide to balance pH and reduce skin dryness with repeated use

Available in 

  • 1000 Litre bulk containers
  • 5 Litre plastic UN-approved jerry cans
  • Smaller bottle sizes with atomiser spray for bulk purchase – please enquire

How do I buy from CambCol?

For more information and pricing please contact our sales team on 01353 860124 or e-mail 
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