Company history

  • CambCol was first established in 2014
  • Based in Cambridgeshire, with a long-standing and ongoing collaborative relationship with the University of Cambridge
  • Brainchild of Jonathan Fitton, and arose through an appreciation of the opportunity to utilise by-product of the poultry industry to bring lower-cost, high quality medical collagen products to market
  • A privately funded business, with UK-based investors and shareholders


  • Sustainable, Responsible and Ethical: We only use reliable and responsible UK suppliers and recycling of raw materials to minimise environmental impact and make our business as sustainable as possible, whilst delivering proven and reliable quality and performance of our products for our customers
  • High Quality: Wholly developed, sourced and manufactured in the UK, with full ‘traceability’ to source
  • Research-based: our products have been developed working with Cambridge University scientists and are formulated to have the ideal characteristics  to deliver rapid wound healing

Meet Our Team

Jonathan Fitton
Jonathan FittonFounder and Chief Executive Officer
Mike Maloney
Mike MaloneyChief Financial Officer
Professor Richard Farndale
Professor Richard FarndaleScientific Advisor
Dr David Slatter
Dr David SlatterLead Product Development Scientist
Angus Donald
Angus DonaldSales & Marketing Director
Lee Harris
Lee HarrisLogistics Manager

Team background

• Highly experienced entrepreneur with 20+ years of commercial experience
• Has started-up and sold a number of successful businesses and in recent years has built a substantial business exporting chicken meat to the Far East
• CambCol is his brainchild and utilises readily available by-product of the poultry industry to produce medical collagens
• Heavily involved in product design and is playing a key role in the purchase and commissioning of production equipment and facilities.

• Highly experienced CFO  with over 25 years of experience gained across a variety of industries
• Entrepreneur  who has developed and sold a number of businesses, most recently in the field of IT and technology
• Has worked with Jonathan on a number of successful ventures

• World-renowned in the field of collagen biochemistry, having worked on collagen for 33 years, with 184 peer-reviewed papers
• Specialism is identifying collagen sequences that bind cell-surface receptors and ECM components.
• Expert in collagen-stimulated thrombosis; the synthesis of collagen-like peptides; and in collagen–receptor structure at atomic-level
• His research group, established 1997, comprises 10 staff with current grant funding of £2.5m

• Has worked for 22 years on collagen, having been in laboratories involved in its initial characterisation
• Recent work includes international publications in collagen folding, cross-linking, sequence and structure and platelet coagulation
• Will ensure product quality and investigate cellular responses to its use in physiological situations
• Is familiar with the documentation required for scientific procedures

• Highly experienced commercial manager with a 30-year career in medical products and consumer healthcare
• Has worked in market-leading companies eg. Smith& Nephew, Nutricia, Omega Pharma, Invacare in marketing, sales and business development roles
• Managed UK and International businesses and multi-million pound product portfolios
• Developed and launched multiple products into the UK and global medical markets.
• Previously part of NHS Innovations South-West, with extensive network of NHS contacts

  • 23 years of service in the Royal Logistics Corps
  • Supplier role at Corps & Division level (G4),
  • Did  operational tours in Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan